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CrimethInc. started in the 1990s. Don't think of it as a collective in a common sense - it's more like a network. Decisions are not necessarily made 'democratically' or by consensus. Not everything has to be okay for everyone ...
CrimethInc. believes, that history is not something that happens to people?it is the activity of people. In every moment, in every decision and gesture, we make our culture, our life stories, our world, whether we take responsibility for this ourselves or ascribe this power to executives, politicians, pop stars, economic systems, or deities. CrimethInc challenges the passivity in society, it is the place where the secret worlds of shoplifters, rioters, dropouts, deserters, adulterers, vandals, daydreamers?that is to say, of all of us, in those moments when, wanting more, we indulge in little revolts?converge to form gateways to new worlds where theft, cheating, warfare, boredom, and so on are simply obsolete.

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