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Welcome to the roots of compassion Collective, your ultimate vegan online shop for fair fashion, sustainable products, and a cruelty-free lifestyle!

For decades, we have been not only vegan but also an active part of the animal rights scene. It all started with delicious vegan chocolate cake. :) With it and a lot of informational material in tow, our founders traveled to concerts and demonstrations from 2001 onwards to spread the idea of veganism, animal rights, and animal liberation. Over the years, our project grew and professionalized, becoming a collective and a significant presence in the German animal rights/animal liberation movement.

Since 2002, we have been offering clothing with political statements and items for the vegan everyday through our vegan online shop. We are passionate about vegan clothing, sustainable fashion, vegan shoes, and food, along with other cruelty-free products. Our range includes everything a vegan heart desires, from fair fashion to environmentally friendly household products.

Vegan Fashion and Accessories:

Discover our vegan clothing made from organic textiles like organic cotton, e.g., from Stanley and Stella, fair trade certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. Our range includes stylish Vegan shirts and cozy animal rights clothes in the form of hoodies, jackets, and sweaters, as well as vegan sneakers and leather-free shoes from Wasted Shoes, Vesica Piscis, and Ethletic. Explore vegan accessories like buttons, patches, vegan pet food, and much more in our extensive range. A special feature is our enamel pins. These elegant enamel pins are not from China but are climate-friendly and made in Germany, like many products in our range.

Sustainable Food:

Dive into our vegan Wonderland with a carefully curated selection of vegan food. From fair-trade chocolate to Zapatista coffee and solidarity tea from Scop Ti – at our shop, you get vegan treats that not only taste good but are also good for the environment. Our food, from vegan cheese alternatives by Violife to vegan spreads by Hanfwerk and plant-based meat alternatives by Wheaty and Herbasch, is tested by us for taste and quality, ensuring you receive only the best products. And for our furry friends, we offer high-quality vegan pet food from brands like Amí, Benevo, Pawtato, and VegDog.

Literature and Activism:

For those who want not only to shop but also to stay informed, we offer a wide selection of books and pamphlets on topics such as animal rights, veganism, feminism, environmental protection, antifascism, anarchism, and social criticism. Posters and postcards, e.g., by animal rights activist and artist Hartmut Kiewert, are also essential of course.

Products for your vegan everyday life:

We have pretty much everything you need for your vegan everyday life. At our store, you'll find vegan hair colors by directions, vegan condoms and oral dams (Glyde, Fair Squared, Einhorn, Unique), menstrual cups by Me Luna, sustainable sanitary pads and liners, printed stainless steel water bottles by Klean Kanteen for on-the-go, and lightweight and sturdy vegan wallets.

Shipping and Sustainability:

We deliver your order via DHL and Deutsche Post. While logistics working conditions are not great anywhere, we believe that DHL/Deutsche Post are the most reasonable options. You benefit from services like Packstation, a dense branch network for pickup, and various delivery options. Once your shipment is dispatched, you'll receive an email from DHL, allowing you to influence what happens if you're not present.

We understand concerns about the environmental impact of online orders and actively compensate for our CO2 emissions. By supporting climate initiatives like ausgecO2hlt, we advocate for a sustainable future. If you live in or near Münster, we warmly invite you to order online, come by in person, and pick up everything for free. We also offer a limited solidarity voucher for sustainable shopping. Speaking of sustainability, our electricity comes from Greenpeace Energy.

Services and Contact:

Our services include a personal customer account where you can add your favorite products to the wishlist, track your orders, and take advantage of discount promotions. We deliver with DHL and Deutsche Post, offer various payment options, including PayPal and Sofortüberweisung, and are personally available to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can reach us by phone from 11 am to 3 pm (CET) or contact us via the contact form or email at info[at]

For Retailers and Activists:

If you want to resell our products, whether in a vegan store or at an animal rights info stand, feel free to contact us! In our business customer section, you can shop affordably and inspire others for animal liberation and veganism with our products.

Closing Words:

One thing we want to make clear: Changing the system does not happen only through consumption. Our products are important, but real change occurs through conversations, demonstrations, info stands, and direct action. Let's get involved!

Your roots of compassion Collective – your go-to for fair, sustainable, and vegan products and statement clothing!