For us at roots of compassion it is not only important to sell vegan, cruelty-free products, but also to act ecologically and socially sustainable. Below you will find further information about our commitment.


All products at the roots of compassion shop are vegan (containing absolutely no animal products) and have not been tested on animals.

Fair Trade

Our clothing suppliers (t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shoes and bags) guarantee that during the manufacturing process minimum social standards are being observed. T-Shirts, hoodies and bags are produced by Continental Clothing, a company that has been certified by the FairWear Foundation. For our food range we prefer products that are produced under fair conditions of work. E. g., we strive for a proportion of at least 80 % for fair produced cocoa products at our chocolate-containing range.

Organic production

We favour products from organic agriculture, which are the majority of our product range. Certified organic guarantees the most natural farming methods under high ecological standards. We strive for a proportion of at least 80 % for organically produced foods. All of our t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and bags are from the earth-positive-collection of Continental Clothing. The cotton of this collection is produced organically and the energy used in the factories comes from wind and solar power. The earth positive products are shipped to us only by land and sea.

GMO-Free foods (?)

The food that we offer is free from genetically modified ingredients. However, up to 0.9 % of the ingredients may contain traces of GMO from a legal point of view. Food with a GMO-free certification and without any traces is specifically mentioned in the product description.

Green Power from Greenpeace Energy

Our office is powered by Greenpeace Energy who only obtain power from climate friendly renewable energies. At the moment the power is generated from wind and water sources, no energy rom biogas included.

Office Supplies from Memo

We obtain our office supplies from memo, a german office supplies wholesaler, which only offers environmentally friendly and socially acceptable products. Besides the ingredients of items, memo also checks for the sustainability in the production process and the recyclability of the product.

100% recycled paper

Our office papers, posters, pamphlets and leaflets are made from 100% recycled paper. Should recycled paper not be available, we use FSC-certified paper. Paper that has only been used one-sided is reused as scribbling paper (as long as it does not contain any sensitive information).


We predominantly use „second-hand“ boxes from other businesses, which would normally go to waste. Our normal envelopes are directly recycled from maps, all the other packaging materials are made from recycled sources. Even the filling material is recycled - we do not buy any of this stuff.