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Style descriptions

Picture of the tsyle of our shirts and the corresponding style-descriptions

New gender-neutral style descriptions

As described in a facebook-survey a few weeks ago we are not really satisfied with the names of our clothing styles (unisex and women) because they suggest a connection between someone’s sex and they way the person should act, look like and dress. In our opinion people should wear the clothes they want, no matter how waisted or form-fitting the style is. To deconstruct the connection mentioned above we now have decided to introduce new names for our clothing styles, based on your suggestions (thanks!). Clothes we used to label “unisex” are now called “large & loose” and everything you could find under the heading “women” thus far can now be found under “small & waisted”. We hope this measure is a step towards the deconstruction of the link between a person’s sex and certain expectations associated with it. Of course we’re still looking forward to hearing your thoughts, criticism, chorus of praise, whatever ;)