How you can support us

Faust und Pfote vor einem SternSince the beginning of roots of compassion, we’ve consistently had the goal of spreading the ideas of animal rights/animal liberation as well as advocating for a liberated society - and doing so as independently as possible from economic considerations.
We pay ourselves humble hourly wages and support numerous other projects and initiatives. In our assortment what matters to us isn’t what products sell well, but how we can fulfil your needs in an environmentally and socially responsible way.
We strive for an economy of solidarity and try out alternative forms of work - working together with other collectives and small businesses and operating free from formal hierarchies.
Although we remain true to these ideals we strive towards, we don’t have it easy existing within a capitalist system. Now we are reliant on the solidarity of people who value what we do.

If our approach speaks to you and you want to support us directly, there are various ways to do so. Aside from shopping at our store, you can:

  • donate a monetary sum of your choosing, via bank transfer or Paypal. Honestly this would help us the most right now.

Information for a bank transfer:

Payee: roots of compassion eG
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE59 4306 0967 4029 3557 00

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  • recommend roots of compassion to as many people as possible (so simple, so effective ;))
  • distribute our flyers and stickers
  • sharing your abilities and skills with us (for example design templates, IT-skills)
  • send us love letters