The Future is Feminist - Sticker (hologram)


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The Future is Feminist!
Feminism is challenging the social status quo and is fighting towards transcending it. Brave and dedicated feminists have always fought for legal and factual equality, often risking their lives. Equality for people who are discriminated against, disenfranchised, or underprivileged based on their gender, sexual orientation, or social ascription. While recently smaller and larger successes could be noted, we are currently facing a worldwide counter-movement which is pushing a rollback. Thus, the feminist struggle has moved to the centre of the large political disputes of our time. It is therefore asking everyone for a distinct positioning in the struggle against sexism, heteronormativity, and patriarchy. We fall into line with this necessity and exclaim THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST! On March 8th as well as everyday.

The The Future is Feminist - sticker (hologram) not only looks beautiful due to the holographic effect, but is also perfect for the long-term beautification of your car, bike or board. Due to the robust and weatherproof adhesive film it is very durable.
Size: 10.5 x 6.5 cm
Sticker is made of PE film, environmentally friendly screen printing ink

Contents: 3.00 g
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