Plan(t)ing Afrofuturism - Wanuri Kahius Pumzi and the negotiation of futureS | Susan Arndt and Shirin Assa (Hg.)


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Wanuri Kahiu’s Pumzi is an Afrofuturist movie, addressing the consequences of climate change and subsequent wars. Pumzi disturbs to dream, turning memory into the elixier of future. This volume is dedicated to learning from Pumzi and its protagonist Asha. Solidarity and resistance in the midst of a dystopic technodictatorship plan(t) new futureS, across species and time. This volume’s contributions delve into this topic pillared on concepts such as futureS, hero, dystopia, Afrofuturism, environment and solidarity. In doing so, the volume contributes to contouring the emergent field Postcolonial Posthuman Studies.

The Editors:

Susan Arndt is Professor of English Literatures at Bayreuth University. Her work is dedicated to Shakespeare and African (Diasporic) Literatures, with a theoretical focus on Intersectionality, Postcolonial Theories and Posthumanism. She is the author of Negotiating Whiteness in British Fiction (2020), Sexismus. Wissen Macht Geschichte (2020), Rassismus (2012), The Dynamics of African Feminism (2002) und African Women’s Literature, Orature and Intertextuality. Igbo Oral Narratives as Nigerian Women Writers’ Models and Objects of Writing Back (1998).

Shirin Assa has been engaged with literary study of diasporic identities/Id*escapes in the field of Future, Postcolonial Studies and Intersectonality. Currently holding a Ph.D position in the English and American Literature department at University of Bayreuth, she is also the co-coordinator of Gender, Queer, Intersectionality and Diversity network at UBT. Assa pursues a comparative study on "MENA women in Diaspora; Poetics of Intersectional Resistance versus Geometry of Appropriation." She is also a member of steering committee for Future Migration Network for Cultural Diversity.

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