Off-The-Rokket - Yori Gagarim


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Images may open spaces, words would only limit.
Bodies may impact on levels, theories don't reach.
Pin-ups may be a strategy when labels get in the way.

OFF-THE-ROKKET is a (queer) pin-up project by Yori Gagarim, where they publish explicit drawings of a variety of (almost naked) bodies around 10 times a year. It was initiated by 'the feminist magazin' 'An.schläge' in Austria, where OFF-THE-ROKKET appears as a regular in each issue. This book shows many of the old aquaintances but also a lot of exclusively drawn portraits that make your heart throb. After their first tiny book 'Let them talk! What genitals have to say about gender', which pictured genitals, and genitals only, this book is the only logic follow-up to it's partner-book by showing off a variety of bodies, but no genitals.

About the author:
Yori Gagarim makes artworks for various maga/zines and projects such as TROUBLE X, keine-kunst-produktion, The Ethical Sloth, OFF-THE-ROKKET and when-people-misgender-me.

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9.3 x 13.8 cm
edition assemblage