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The flag "Refugees Welcome" helps you make your message seen all over the world. It is printed with a two-color-print in black and yellow-orange, the background is black. Because we don't want you to carry too heavy it is printed on a light flag fabric. With a loop for a flagpole at one side.

Size: 100 x 150 cm
Material: 100 % recycled Polyester

There's so much to say about this topic. Those who read the news regularly cannot ignore that there are 1,000 reasons to seek greener pastures abroad, that fleeing to another country is everything else but fun and usually really dangerous ... That it's becoming more and more difficult and risky to cross the borders borders to the so-called "developed countries" ... And that, last but not least, the welcome is usually a loud "go away".
There are initiatives and organizations in many towns that you can get involved in if you want to take a stance against this situation.

A part of the revenue, 3 EUR, will be donated to various initatives an projects fighting for human rights, especially for the right of asylum. (Currently sea-watch).

Do you want to find out where the idea for the design came from? - flickr.com.

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Size: 100 x 150 cm