Bird and Open Cage - Pin 2 pcs-set


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Bird and Open Cage - Pin 2 pcs-set

Of course, the motif of the Open Cage with a free bird is meant metaphorically, but nevertheless you might think about all the animals that suffer a sa life in small cages standing in living rooms or even children's rooms. Not to forget all the birds which are incarcerated in zoos, wild parks and theme parks ...
Let's fight together, until every cage is empty!

Two enamel metal pins:
Butterfly fastener on the backside
Size (cage): 25 x 30 mm
Size (bird): 25 x 30 mm
Contains nickel

Contents: 14.00 g
Question about this item

This product consists of
Open Cage - Pin

1 x Open Cage - Pin

8,00 €*
Bird - Pin

1 x Bird - Pin

8,00 €*