Sing for your supper - David Rovics


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A DIY Guide to Playing Music, Writing Songs, and Booking Your Own Gigs

Sing for your supper ist eine hilfreiche Anleitung für unabhängige Musiker_innen und solche, die es mal werden wollen.

Auf Englisch:
"Succinct and to the point, David Rovics demystifies the very different skills necessary to cultivate the arts of songwriting, guitar-playing and tour booking. In an era when the truly independent record label is virtually a thing of the past, Rovics explains how it's possible to make a living as a recording artist without a label. At a time when the corporate record industry is suing music fans for sharing music, Rovics explains why the internet is good for independent artists, and how to utilize its potential. For those hoping to get a major record deal and become rich and famous, look elsewhere. But if you're looking to make a living as an independent artist, this pamphlet is a must-read."

Über den Autor:
David Rovics ist Singer-Songwriter und politischer Aktivist. Er setzt sich für die freie verbreitung von Musik ein. Seine Songs, die oft politische Themen aufgreifen, bietet er kostenlos zum Download an.
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