Rage and Reason - Michael Tobias


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Michael Tobias' latest work of fiction is a shocking, breath-stopping political thriller which tracks the fury of an outraged ex-Special Forces veteran who turns to violent retribution in defense of the earth and its fauna. Rage and Reason is an unstoppable rollercoaster of action which explodes across four continents - a chief executive's severed head is served up at a stockholder's luncheon.....a furrier is skinned alive.....Thai poachers are deftly eliminated...and the first day of hunting season in the Maine woods is turned into a human massacre. Rage and Reason is as vivid a portrayal of the horrors of vivisection and the meat industry as Upton Sinclair's classic The Jungle. "A terrific story, told from the heart, its soul rich with knowledge. Some people and corporations should lose sleep wondering if RAGE & REASON will ever become a real life thriller for them."-[Ingrid E. Newkirk, President, PETA -People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals]

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