Organizing cools the Planet - H. Moore & J. K. Russell


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Organizing Cools The Planet ist eine Mischung aus Geschichten, Analysen, Hilfen zum Organisieren und provokanten Fragen und eröffnet so einen Blick auf die nordamerikanische Climate Justice Bewegung. EIn hilfreicher kleiner Wegbegleiter, auf englisch.

Organizing Cools The Planet offers a challenge to all concerned about the ecological crisis: find your frontline. This booklet weaves together stories, analysis, organizing tools, and provocative questions, to offer a snapshot of the North American Climate Justice movement and provide pathways for readers to participate in it. Authors share hard lessons learned, reflect on strategy, and grapple with the challenges of their roles as organizers who do not come from 'frontline communities' but work to build a movement big enough for everyone and led by the priorities and solutions of low-income people, communities of color, Indigenous, youth, and other constituencies most directly impacted by the crisis. Rooted in the authors' experiences organizing in local, national, and international arenas, they challenge readers to look at the scale of ecological collapse with open eyes, without falling prey to disempowering doomsday narratives. This booklet is for anyone who wants to build a movement with the resiliency to navigate one of the most rapid transitions in human history.

About the Authors:

Russell is a strategy, organizing and nonviolent direct action trainer. He has worked internationally with the Climate Justice Now! network. He spent four years as Rainforest Action Network's grassroots actions manager and campained against banks and corporations in order to end our addiction to coal and oil
Moore has been organizing around social justice issues in the Bay Area for the past few years. She is a core organizer with Rising Tide Bay Area and a founding organizer of the Mobilization for Climate Justice West, a grassroots alliance of organizations. She also organizes around gentrification issues in West Oakland etc. She sits on the board of the Institute for Social Ecology.


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