Green Is The New Red - Will Potter


Green Is The New Red - Will Potter

From the jacket: "At a time when it seems that everyone is going green, most people are unaware that the FBI is using anti-terrorism resources to target environmentalists and animal rights activists. The courts are being used to push conventional boundaries of what constitutes "terrorism" and to hit nonviolent activists with disproportionate sentences. Some have faced terrorism charges for simply chalking slogans on the sidewalk."

Will Potter, a courageous and award-winning independent journalist unveils the alarming ways in which the US government tries to force back non-violent animal rights and environmental activism. The definition "eco-terrorism" is unscrupulously used as a poor excuse for drastic forms of legal repression, .

A well-written and important book full of shocking details on what the powerful are willing to do to silence critical voices. You MUST read this if you are engaged in or only have the slightest sympathies for today's social and environmental movements or any forms of radical activism.

256 pages

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