Days of War, Nights of Love - CrimethInc


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288 Seiten voller aufregender Ideen und Anregungen, beeindruckender Geschichten kombiniert mit viel Hingabe und Humor. Dein Ticket in eine Welt, in der alles kostenlos ist. Englisch.

After years full of adventure, mayhem and more zines, pamphlets, manifestos, newsletters and diatribes than you could ever hope to keep track of, the CrimethInc. collective is very proud to present the first of many CrimethInc. books. A hefty 288 pages full of exciting ideas and amazing tales related with the characteristic CrimethInc. passion and humor you have come to love, this brilliantly and abundantly illustrated tome is your ticket to a world free of charge!
Boasting a format that is truly beyond description, Days of War, Nights of Love contains articles, essays, stories, interviews, posters, artwork, maps, myths, realities, fantasies, historical accounts, declarations, manifestos, and exclamations aimed at the revolution of your world.

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