Was tun wenn's brennt? / What to do when the going gets rough? - Rote Hilfe


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If you take part in demonstrations or similar events you always risk to come face to face with the police and/or the judiciary. We don't want that this encounter becomes a disaster. The Rote HIlfe e. V. offers a small, helpful brochure that can help you to prepare for such situations.

You'll find many useful tips on how to deal with repression: it starts with how to prepare for a demonstration, continues with the recommended behaviour in case of attacks/infringement, house searches and arrests, and ends with penalty orders, taking of DNA etc.

The brochure is for free. But still the production costs money. If you want to support the production, please donate to Rote Hilfe e. V.: http://www.rote-hilfe.de/aktiv-werden/spenden

You can get the brochure in several languages: german, english, spanish, turkish. Please notice that it deals with the situation in Germany only!

ATTENTION: We only send 5 pcs./order. If you need more, please contact Rote Hilfe e. V.!

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