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Well-equipped for the next bicycle race: with your roots of compassion vegan cycling team drinking bottle!
For many bicycle races you need a bottle that is deformable (which means, that stainless steel is not the best idea). So we searched for a bottle that is better than normal plastic bottles ...
The bottle contains 750 ml and is made of bioplastics (20 % recycled materials)

Bioplastics is the result of a change in the molecular structure of the synthetic material, induced by adding a particular substance to the polyethylen.
Neither light nor heat or humidity have an effect on the quality of the drinking bottle. The biological degradation process is only triggered in a microbiological environment, for example a compost pile, and takes between 1 and 5 years. Products of decomposition are biogas and biomass both of which work as nutrients for and are fully absorbed by the soil.
Please note that it doesn't make sense to put the bottles into organic waste collection bins - they'll be seperated out because no one can be sure whether it's compostable or not, and because it takes far too long compared to other organic waste.

The print is dishwasher safe.
BPA-free, phthalate-free, food sage
plastic recyclable

Key data:
Filling capacity: 750 ml
weight: 95 g
Height: 248 mm (with cap)
Diameter: 72 mm

Contents: 95.00 g
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