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Prison Round Trip was first published in german as "Einmal Knast und zurück" in 2003. 10 years before the author, Klaus Viehmann, had been released from a 15-years-sentence. He had been accused of being involved in urban guerilla activities in the 19702.
In this essay he reflects on prison life and on how to keep your sanity and (political) integrity within the hostile and oppressive prison environment.

"Bang. The door to your cell is shut. You have survived the arrest, you are mad that you weren't more careful, you worry that they will get others too, you wonder what will happen to your group and whether a lawyer has been called yet--of course you show none of this. The weapon, the fake papers, your own clothes, all gone. The prison garb and the shoes they've thrown at you are too big--maybe because they want to play silly games with you, maybe because they really blow 'terrorists' out of proportion in their minds--and the control over your own appearance taken out of your hands. You look around, trying to get an understanding of where you'll spend the next few years of your life."

About the author

Klaus Viehmann was imprisoned in West Germany for 15 years, after being arrested for activties of the anarchist 2nd of June Movement in 1978. In prison, he wrote an essay that became a centerpiece of the book "Drei zu Eins". The book's theme was "Triple Oppression", the multiple and simultaneous oppression because of racism, sexism and classism.
Since his release Klaus Viehmann has been aactive in various left-wing projects, and he continued publishing.

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