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Making stuff and doing things: Kyle Bravo has assembled his HOW TO zines into a comprehensive book along with dozens of other instructional articles that tell you how to do ... just about everything yourself!

Some people call this book 'more important than the Bible'. well, at least it's a kind of bible that makes sense to us!
Topics include getting active, direct action, gardening, making a woodstove, solar box cooker, egg replacer, cooking ramen noodles in a coffee maker, how to make wine, homebrewing, building shacks, liberated lifestyles, squats, homeschooling, fixing a toilet, audio phone patch, how to make envelopes, shoe repair, silk screening, making rubber stamps, how to juggle, vegan photo developing, magic tricks, making puppets, how to patch your clothes, putting utensils on your keychain, how to sing, bird feeders, how to play guitar, putting out records, billboard improvement, how to fix your bike, basic car maintenance, building a bike cart, how to take pride in your body, how to sexually stimulate your partner, diy birth control, how to handle an overdose, self defense, knowing your rights, how to live a more fulfilling life, unschooling, starting a fire with friction, making glue from pine sap, making rope, wild food, natural remedies, firelogs from newspapers, rubbing alcohol campstove, composting, diy toothpaste, getting rid of fruit flies, greywater systems, composting toliets, making a hammock, making hanging and floating tents, saving money at the post office, making posters and stencils, packing for tours, places to dumpster dive, making a tape wallet, building a cart-bike, cleaning stamps, blockprinting, fixing a harmonica, diy flowerpots, avoiding dangerous household chemicals, preventing ear infections, how women can pee standing up, menstrual massages, and a few pieces for inspiration.
We're sure you can see by now why this book is essential.

One tiny note: this book is a compilation of zines. If you're familiar with zines you know that for many people an important part of zine-aesthetics is to use many different types in many different sizes. Some of them are really small and not easy to read for everyone. So that's not a book for people with bad eyesight ...

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