Leben im Zoo - Patch


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Leben im Zoo - Patch

Leben im Zoo heißt Leben in Gefangenschaft
(Living in a zoo means life in prison)

Living in zoos means stress and suffering for the animals. They live a life in prison, without the oppprtunity to pursue their own interests and needs. They live a life under control - they can't choose where to go, what to eat, with whom to mate. They can hardly hide - because a zoo without animals will not earn money. And old animals are not attractive, too - but everyone want to see the baby animals.
Life of animals in zoos is sad, no matter if it seems to be a little bit better or worse. The only appropriate life for animals is a life in freedom.
Image size approx: 10.5 x 10.5 cm

Printed on organic cotton which was produced in accordance with the ILO labour standards.

Contents: 7.00 g
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100 % organic cotton