Jeezini Intens - vegan sliced cheese alternative


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Yum yum! Jeezini Intens is a vegan scliced cheese alternative with a very hearty-spice taste.

Forget about the days when vegetable alternatives to cheese used to be stale and crumbly. Since Jeezo has been introduced, a new era in our fridge has begun. They are awesome! Jeezo cheese alternatives are super delicious, have a top texture, melt very well and they are palm oil free!

All Jeezo cheese alternatives are great at melting and therefore perfect for pizza, casseroles, your next raclette session and even cheese fondue. Just grate the cheese alternative and spread or mix in with other vegetables. Of course, Jeezo is also excellent eaten cold. As a spread, on a cheeseboard or as cheese skewer. Om nom nom! Montys reaction to Jeezo speaks volumes ;)...

Please note: For ecological reason we ship all Jeezini cheese blocks without chilling. After talking to the manufacturer, we also know for sure that unchilled shipping isn't a problem at all. And it's even totally fine to keep the cheese without chilling as long as it's unopened (ideal for travelling). According to the packaging you should store the Jeezini at 2-8 °C .

Contents: 200.00 g
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Vegourmet Austria
Owner: Alfred Waibel
Glatzegg 298
A-6942 Krumbach
Water, plant based fats (23 %, 70 % shea kernel oil and 30 % coconut oil), modified starch, potato starch, sea salt, emulsifiers: [citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides and mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (vegan source)], vegane flavor, olive-extract, colour: B- carotene.

Nutrional value in per 100 g

Energy 1190 kJ / 285 kcal
Fat 23 g
of which saturates 14 g
Carbohydrates 20 g
of which sugar 0,3 g
Proteins 0,3 g
Salt 3 g


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