Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit - bag


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What is species-appropriate? Only freedom. Otherwise it's just an empty phrase that helps to sell the suffering of animals a bit more expensive. It's not species-appropriate to impregnate female animals in order to make them deliver milk. And how can a habitat be species-appropriate that is surrounded by fences and too small? Is it species-appropriate that the animal's life will end violently?
It shouldn't mean to be killed. Or to be used. Or to be exhibited. Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit (It's only species-appropriate to liven freedom).

Bag colour: black or bright navy
Printing colour: white
Length of the handle: approximately 56 cm.
Modell: Organic Fashion Bag, 170 g/m?
Material: 100 % organic cotton

This shopping bag is part of the Earth Positive (EP) collection by Continental Clothing and was produced in eco-friendly factories in India, which cuts the CO2-emissions by 90 %. The energy used by the factories comes from renewable sources (wind, solar). The cotton is 100 % organic and was manufactured manually and under fair conditions.
>The clothes and bags are shipped by land or sea only! Apart from the ecological quality, EP's factories were also certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

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Size: ca. 36 cm. x 42 cm.
Modell: Organic Fashion Tote Bag, 170 g/m²