Up to date Info on changes due to the Corona Virus

[last change: 24.04.2022]

Pickup of paid orders at our warehouse are possible.

You can order and pay online and come pick up your order in front of our warehouse. Call us before your pickup and we will put your parcel outside shortly before your arrival. Cash-Payment not possible unfortunately

Please pay attention to leave enough distance to other people!

Hours: Monday to Friday (execpt public holidays): 10am to 3pm and additionally arrangements possible: contact us by e-mail or phone.


Warehouse sale is still closed until further notice. Also, the option to pick up your order at Bucks restaurant is not possible until furher notice.

Shipping is continuing as usual, but there may be some delays.

By implementing these measures, we are hoping to contribute to delaying the spread of the virus as well as to continue shipping as swiftly as possible.